Jam Session Details          

Southern New Mexico Music & Dance Society sponsors a bi-monthly jam sessions as follows:

                2 - 4 p.m. on first and third Sundays
Lobby of O’Donnell Hall
                New Mexico State University campus
             (corner of Stewart & Williams Streets)


for information Call 
                Janet (575) 526-5174
or (575) 405-1290

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                 PICTURES  of recent jam

Open to musicians and listeners alike, a typical afternoon has each player choose a tune for all to play, and everyone takes a turn.  We've had fiddles, guitars, bass, mandolins, banjos, dobro, singing voices and a very good sound.   See what you can add !! Below are typical tunes, directions and pictures.

Typical Tunes

Soldier's Joy
Blue Moon of Kentucky
Stew Ball
Old Home Place
Back Up & Push
Joe Turner Blues
Rag-Time Annie
City of New Orleans
Boil Them Cabbage Down
Arizona Waltz
Singing the Blues
Salty Dog
Somebody Put a Quarter in the Jukebox
Shackles & Chains
Down Yonder
Is The Blue Moon Still Shining
Worried Man Blues
Kentucky Waltz
Down the Road
Brown-eyed Women
Grizzly Bear
Eight Miles to Louisville
Play Faded Love I Gotta Go Home
Prairie Lullaby
I'll Fly Away
Maiden's Prayer
Walking Blues
Marvelous Toy
St. Louis Blues
Wreck of the Old '97
Closer Walk With Thee
Give My Love To Rose
Westfalia Waltz